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Rabia here.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Mine is quite nerdy and it’s what happens when a  science teacher loves molecular gastronomy! 


Food, to me, means a comforting affair, something that creates harmony through fond memories, time, and place. That’s how things started rolling at Crust ‘n’ Clusters. The summer of 2019 set the foundation of this brand that revolves around love, fun, friends, family, and food. 


Our first sale formally took place in November 2019, and with time, the Crust ‘n’ Clusters family kept on growing with more people enjoying what we offer every day. A holistic health connection makes Crust ‘n’ Clusters a natural choice for the ones who believe in mindful eating. To cut it short, this brand stands for clean, preservative-free food without artificial and harmful additives.


Our mission is to create healthy recipes that people of various food palates and dietary preferences can enjoy.


Nothing beats the feeling of hearing a customer say that they are fully satisfied.


Founder, Crust"n"Clusters


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