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"In my food world, there is no fear or guilt,
only joy and balance"

Ellie Krieger

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At Crust ‘n’ Clusters we bring you freshly baked granola and other delectables tastefully done to please your fine palate. Using the finest, natural and organic ingredients is what makes our recipes lip smacking yet super healthy.


Gift Hamper

A gift hamper for every occasion

A Gift Hamper for Every Occasion

Let us design a perfect gift for your loved ones.



We fix your breakfast with our mouth watering wholesome granola in several flavours.

Delightsome Delectables

Delightsome Delectables

An array of banana breads, chocolates, energy squares, cookies, cheeses and more.

Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

Get your loved ones a perfect gift of health that is certainly going to make them smile.

Menu Highlights

Wholesome and finest ingredients are put together using tried and tested recipes to bring you the best experience.

Maple Almond Granola

Rs 2250

Golden granola clusters with the goodness of maple syrup and toasted almonds.

Praise of Raisin Granola

Rs 2760

Honey granola clusters are enhanced with rich bold n black raisins, well complemented by flaked almonds and toasted to perfection in olive oil.

Gleaming Granola

Rs 2760

Honey granola bunches with sun-kissed turmeric, delicious pistachio nuts, toasted coconut chips and aromatic cardamom.

KETO friendly grain free Choc Chunk Cookies

Rs 2610

Perfect for sweet cravings in a healthy way (6 cookies)

Chai spiced Dates clusters Granola

Rs 2860

Enjoy wholesome granola clusters accented by the warm notes of chai spice. Dates, walnuts, almonds and sesame seeds toasted together and naturally sweetened with honey.

Gluten free Granola

Rs 2800

Crunchy granola clusters with toasted almonds made with gluten free oats provide you freedom to enjoy the hearty and nutritious meal.

Guilt free granola

Rs 2760

Crust n Clusters Vitality Series is designed to provide healthy, nutritionally dense granola. Chock full of seeds and almonds, it makes a perfect meal to begin your day with. It’s absolutely sugar free yet flavourful without artificial preservatives. Top it with fresh fruits and enjoy it with yogurt or milk of your choice.

Moist Banana Bread w Walnuts & Choc Chips (med)

Rs 2000

Melt in your mouth Chocolate chip with walnuts Banana Loaf

Crust-N-Clusters (CnC) is by far the best ‘home-brewed’ Granola in town! The honey toasted crunchy oat clusters are masterfully crafted and a delight to eat any time of the day! Our family favourite is the chocolate ecstasy. Every bite is delicious, filled with flavorful chocolate morsels and a chocolate lovers heaven. There is no doubt that Rabia puts in tender, love, and care into everything C&C crafts!

Javeria & Hussain


Crust n Clusters is such a family favorite - we enjoy it with milk, yogurt or just plain as a snack - in fact it's now become a staple at breakfast and anytime our supply is running short we get loads of reminders from the kids to order more! We love the creativity Rabia uses while crafting new flavors and the final product always feels just right.

Tania & Mo


The best thing about Crust nClusters is how it has sparked a love for oats in me. The quality ingredients you add to your product makes it all the more delightful. The products you use with your amazing granola testify to the amount of thought and effort you put into making one pack of granola. Each customer's preferences are dealt with and that is absolutely remarkable.

Mariam F


Crust ‘n’ Clusters has introduced me to brilliant flavors. Be that the versatile granola in flavors I never found anywhere in the world or the totally remarkable banana bread which is hands down the best banana bread I have ever tried so far in my life.

Mike M


I love how creatively gift hampers are designed at Crust n Clusters. They are such a treat to eyes and filled with only the best of the products made by them.

Yusra Raza


Crust 'n' Clusters

Artisanal granola

and delightsome delectables made with natural unprocessed ingredients


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